The worlds of media, data, and advertising are all changing rapidly. Strategic Media 21 — media for the 21st century.

Unique. Focused. Now.

The days of "mass media" where one message went to everyone have been replaced — by specific tailored messages to individuals with much higher results.


  • Strategic Media 21 delivers tailored messages using new data that matches the interests and needs of today's consumer.
  • We use online publishing; social media; big data; creative advertising; and understanding of human needs to effectively touch people's lives.
  • Whether it is sharing information; selling a product; or igniting action, we can reach people today in new ways.

We Bring Together 3 Disciplines in New and Creative Ways.

We use creative advertising and content generation — informed by big data — delivered by social media to revolutionize human interaction.

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Higher Quality Results.

Strategic Media 21 can help you reach people.

We offer a creative team of expert professionals with a unique combination of state-of-the-art talents and the ability to deliver amazing results. We can reach people. Your people. Today.

Reaching New Worlds.

Strategic Media 21 is reaching new worlds of today's consumers. We are led by Silicon Valley veterans combined with a team of young, creative talent to reach today's consumer.

Exponential Growth.

Our publishing business has grown by 1,000% in 12 months. Our company is doubling every 6 months. We can help you reach today's consumer.

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